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Hey guys!! :)

It's June! (ALREADY!) and it's been awhile since HXH2011 was released.

So what do you people think of the re-make?
I honestly think people who watch the re-make without watching the original are really REALLY REALLLYYYYY missing out!!! I felt the pace of the original version was better. Fast enough so you don't get bored, slow enough so you don't miss the important details. The 2011 version just skips alot of parts and the same stuff done in 10 episodes in the original gets done in maybe 5 or 6 episodes in the re-make. Maybe it's just me, but i feel that it's too fast. Almost as if they want to get those parts out of the way so they can get to the continuation of where the original left off. So i feel the anime isn't as... rich.

Also, they made the re-make more... how to say... child-friendly? Like parts with blood and gore (like Killua ripping out the heart of Jones in the Trick Tower) are really really toned down. I mean. Killua is an assassin. There's bound to be blood and guts and stuff lol.

But that's just my thoughts. What do you guys think?
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this is where you show youre love for killua zaoldyeck:3
and make any deviations that you want about him ^^.

*little BIOGRAPHY of killua*
Born to the Zaoldyeck family of assassins, Killua is considered the genius of his generation. He is named as the heir to his family due to his amazing talent, and has been trained and raised since birth to take over the Zaoldyeck family business of assassination and is already a professional assassin even at his young age.

:iconcheerplz: ZAOLDYECK FAMILY :iconcheerplz:

Maha Zaoldyeck

Maha Zoldyck is Zeno's father[36] and the oldest assassin in the Zoldyck family. Maha has only appeared once in the series along with Kalluto and Illumi on a mission to kill the Ten Dons in Yorknew City in chapter 100 of the manga. Maha is the only Enhancer in the Zoldyck family, and is the eldest Zoldyck at the age of 98. It is also noted by Zeno that Netero is the only man alive that has ever survived a fight with him

Zeno Zaoldyeck

Zeno Zoldyck (ゼノ ゾルディック, Zeno Zorudikku?) Zeno is Killua's grandfather and Silva's father. A witty old man, his advancing age has not dampened his quick thinking and speed in battle. Zeno wears alternating signs on his garb that say either "A Kill A Day" or "Never Retire."[37] He appears to be on good terms with the Hunter Committee's Chairman, Netero, who hired Zeno to assault Ming Jol-ik's palace in East Gorteau in order to catch the chimera ant king off guard. He noticeably hesitates in the battle when he realizes the King has come to care for the safety of a human prisoner. Zeno favors Killua more than his other grandchildren. Zeno Zoldyck is voiced by Tadashi Miyazawa.

Silva Zaoldyeck

Silva Zoldyck (シルバ ゾルディック, Shiruba Zorudikku?) Silva is Killua's father. A silent, pensive figure, Killua's interaction with him seems limited. He allows Killua to go along with Gon on their journey to find his father, but only because he sees it as a crucial step in his development as the head assassin of the Zoldyck Family.[38] During the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City, Silva and Zeno are both hired by the Ten Dons to assassinate the Phantom Troupe, but withdraw from the job when their clients are killed due to a job taken by Illumi, Maha, and Kalluto. Silva recently appeared amid the assault on the Palace in East Gorteau, killing Cheetu on the way to pick up his father. He has killed an unknown member of the Phantom Troupe according to Killua. Silva Zoldyck is voiced by Kouji Ishii.

Kikyō Zaoldyeck

Kikyō Zoldyck (キキョウ ゾルディック, Kikyō Zorudikku?) is Killua's mother. She was injured attempting to prevent Killua from running away from home to take the Hunter Exam, although she is proud of Killua for doing so.[39] She is the maternal figure of the Zoldyck family and is an assassin herself. She seems to be slightly paranoid and is cautious of Killua's friends. Kikyō is looking forward in Killua to excel in assassination and anticipate that one day, he will continue on with the family business. According to Illumi, Killua is her favorite son. Kikyō Zoldyck is voiced by Rena Yukie.

Illumi Zaoldyeck

Illumi Zoldyck (イルミ ゾルディック, Irumi Zorudikku?) is Killua's eldest brother. He is an experienced assassin, whom along with his father was responsible for Killua's training and upbringing. During the 287th Hunter's Exam, Illumi disguised himself as Gittarackur, using special pins to change his entire facial structure to the point where he can only be recognized by his voice. An oppressive aura from him makes even Killua fearful and wary whenever he approaches Illumi. Illumi holds a twisted and emotionless love for Killua. Illumi and Silva raised Killua to believe that the only thing sustaining him was darkness, and that the only joy he received through the world was in causing the death of others.[40] He was also responsible for planting a needle within Killua's brain, forcing the latter to run from battles he was not sure he could win. Illumi did this to ensure that Killua would able to live to carry on the family business and as a means of protecting his little brother. This needle is self-extracted by Killua in the battle against Rammot. A certain amount of friendship is shared between Hisoka and Illumi, although it is unclear as to how it could have developed. Illumi once came to the aid of Hisoka by standing for him as a double in the Troupe hideout whilst Hisoka attempted to find Chrollo. Illumi Zoldyck is voiced by Urara Takano.

Milluki Zaoldyeck

Milluki Zoldyck (ミルキ=ゾルディック, Miruki Zorudikku?) is Killua's second eldest brother and an obese figure who possesses a strong aversion to performing any kind of physical activity. In fact, prior to the Yorkshin City auctions, Milluki had not left the mansion in eight years. He seems to be a sort of otaku, since his room is covered with female figurines from various anime and computer games[41]. Milluki is talented in hacking computer systems, as Killua asked him to hack a memory card from Ging. He was also injured during Killua's escape.[39] Milluki is primarily in charge of torturing Killua as punishment, but does not have the drive to carry it out very long as it is exhausting and extreme physical exertion is needed.[42] After being tipped off the whereabouts of Greed Island, Milluki's excitement resulted in one of the rarer moments in which he made an outside expedition in search of the game. However, he was unable to win a copy and left in frustration. Milluki Zoldyck is voiced by Katashi Ishizuka.

Alluka Zaoldyeck

Alluka Zoldyck is the missing child of the Zoldycks and has only appeared once during the series. In Chapter 229 of the manga, his back is shown in a picture of the five Zoldyck sons along with their mother. His name is officially stated in the official Hunter Hunter Guide book in a family tree of the Zoldycks. An alternate way of discovering his name is via a pattern seen with the Zoldyck sons from oldest to youngest: IlluMilluKilluAlluKalluto. It is speculated he left his family and that his younger brother Kalluto has joined the Phantom Troupe in order to find him.


Kalluto Zoldyck (カルト ゾルディック, Karuto Zorudikku?) is the younger brother of Killua. He was initially introduced accompanying his mother during Gon's retrieval of Killua from Kukuru Mountain. Kalluto appears again during the Phantom Troupe arc, assisting his older brother Illumi with the assassination of the ten mafia dons that placed bounties on the Phantom Troupe's heads. After the Phantom Troupe's entrance into Greed Island, Kalluto joins as Hisoka's replacement. During the Phantom Troupe's assault on Zazan's palace in Meteor City, he reveals he joined the Spiders with the intention of finding his missing older brother Alluka. Kalluto Zoldyck is voiced by Yūko Maekawa.
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spreading love to all people who loves killua zaoldyeck

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:heart: we support you!!!!:heart:


Hi :wave: ,

Welcome to the KilluaLoverz group !!!
As you enter the club you should have the following ...

:eager: The real love to Killua, it should not be fading like the clouds up in the sky, and should not evaporate when the ice felt the sun's heat :D
:eager: you can submit any deviation of Killua ( fan arts, cosplays, wallpapers,line arts, etc.)

:eager: you can also submit any deviations that participate killua..for EXAMPLE: killua and gon ,or else killua and family..(something like that)

atleast killua can be seen with them..:D


:police: THE RULES OF THE CLUB :police:

:bulletblack: submit you're own artwork. everyone of us doesn't want art thieves :x
:bulletblack: if you doesn't like the club just leave us alone :x
:bulletblack: If you think you're deviation really fits about Killua and you really want to dedicate it to him, we accept anything :D



:bulletblack: just click the 'suggest a fave' button at the upper part of the group and select the chosen artwork at your fave list :D










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